Conservation Strategies for Sustainable Livestock Production


Conservation success relies on discovering populations, securing them, and sustaining them for long-term survival. Authored by Dr. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, Ph.D, Technical Advisor to the Livestock Conservancy To read the PDF version of this article, click here: Livestock_Sponenberg. Dr. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, Ph.D. has served as Technical Advisor to the ... Read more

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Handcrafted Heritage Breed Gifts


Heritage Breed Gifts for the Holidays Stuck on what to get a loved one for an upcoming holiday or their birthday? We've compiled a few heritage breed gift ideas from members of the Livestock Conservancy they'll love! Shop small with these handcrafted heritage breed gifts. Check out the selection below of heritage ... Read more

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Queen Elizabeth II: A Life of Conservation


By Emily Rose Johnson, The Livestock Conservancy As the world mourns Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her long reign as monarch of the United Kingdom, we honor her important role in the conservation of heritage breeds of farm animals. Without her intervention, the Cleveland Bay horse might have been lost, along with ... Read more

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