Conservation success relies on discovering populations, securing them, and sustaining them for long-term survival.

Authored by Dr. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, Ph.D, Technical Advisor to the Livestock Conservancy

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Dr. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, Ph.D. has served as Technical Advisor to the Livestock Conservancy since 1978, providing counsel and mentoring to Conservancy staff, breeders, breed associations, scholars, and NGO partners. He was the force for establishing the Conservation Priority List and the standards for rare breed inclusion on that list. Because of the quality and originality of his approach to conservation, Dr. Sponenberg’s expertise is internationally renowned. He is the author of several books on color genetics and conservation, and is a sought after speaker domestically and abroad.  Phil is Professor of pathology and genetics at Virginia Tech. On his own farm, he is a conservation breeder of Tennessee Fainting goats, and enjoys playing with color genetics in his Brahma chickens.

The goal of the Food Forever Initiative is to promote resilient food systems by supporting crop and livestock diversity.

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