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Wiltshire Horn Ewes and Lambs


Heritage Pineywoods Cattle for Sale

$1,200 $1,500

Redcaps for Sale

$5 $30

For sale: pure bred GOS feeder piglets. Ready to pick up May 27.


Shetland Sheep NE Ohio

$175 $350

Lovely Welsh Harlequin flock; 7 Hens/1 Drake


Organically raised Royal Palm TURKEYS

$25 $100

Trio of Organically raised, Ancona Ducks

$15 $150

Trio of Organically raised, Heritage BLACK AUSTROLORP Chickens

$10 $150

BHH Bounty Karakachan Livestock Guard Dog

$1,250 $2,000

GOS Piglets in Virginia


6 Salmon Faverolles Hatching Eggs


Shorthorns ,heritage/native for sale


Shorthorns ,heritage/native for sale

A Kaleidoscope of Icelandic Chickens!

$35 $50

American Milking Devon Bull for Sale


American Milking Devon Yearling Bull for Sale


American Milking Devon Bull Calves for Sale


Young American Milking Devon Cows For Sale


Male & Females Available