For over 40 years The Livestock Conservancy has worked to protect endangered livestock and poultry breeds from extinction. Although all rare breeds face challenges, it has become apparent that the recent market downturn has particularly impacted our equine breeds. Many horse and donkey breeds face the threat of extinction – more so today than at any other time in history. Thanks to the grant from the USA Equestrian Trust, the effort to stabilize equine breed decline and secure the remaining diversity began in 2017.

Conserving Equine Diversity: Time for Action (pdf)

Equine Reproductive Services and Genetic Preservation

Equine Reproductive Services and Genetic Preservation

Recognizing the need for genetic preservation of rare horses and donkeys, several laboratories have partnered with the Endangered Equine Alliance to provide discounted reproductive services. These services apply to endangered horses or donkeys on The Livestock Conservancy’s Conservation Priority List. Please contact The Livestock Conservancy for additional details.

  • Select Breeder Services (SBS) offers a significant discount on semen collection, freezing and storage. SBS laboratories are located across the United States. Check with The Livestock Conservancy to be sure the laboratory in your area is aware of the program.
  • Texas A&M University offers substantial savings for freezing somatic cell tissue to produce and store cell lines, and for in vitro embryo production and storage. 
  • USDA-NAGP in Fort Collins, CO offers free long term storage of frozen semen and other tissues for rare horses and donkeys. The costs of collection and shipping to the USDA are the responsibility of the owner. Consider donating old collections of semen if they are no longer needed for your breeding program. Small skin samples and products of gelding are also welcome—please contact The Livestock Conservancy for a protocol.
  • Viagen Equine provides a significant discount for freezing cell lines or freezing skin cells. This material can be archived for future cloning activities.

For more information contact Charlene Couch at ccouch@livestockconservancy.org 

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