2021 Annual Members Meeting

2021 Annual Members Meeting recording and slides.

Breeders Directory & Products Resource Guide

Searchable Online Directory (partial)

2022 Breeders Directory & Products Resource Guide (PDF)

2021 Breeders Directory & Products Resource Guide (PDF)

2020 Breeders Directory & Products Resource Guide (PDF)

Need to update your directory information? Use this web page.

Livestock Conservancy Logos

The Livestock Conservancy’s logos may be used as link images on a website or to accompany a reference to the organization in publications. Click on the links beside the name to download. For hi-resolution versions, please contact us.

Official Logo (link to LivestockConservancy.org)The Livestock Conservancy logo

Official Logo black text JPG PNG
Official Logo white text PNG

Member Logo (for use by current members only)

Member Logo JPG PNG

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