Monthly giving is the easiest and most efficient way to support The Livestock Conservancy. 
Donors of $4 or more per month are welcomed as members of The Livestock Conservancy.

For just:

 $4 per month – a classroom of elementary school children can hatch heritage eggs and return the chicks or ducklings to the farm they came from

 $10 per month – 15 new breed stewards are matched with the right breeds for their farm

$25 per month – livestock from some of the rarest breeds are registered, pedigreed and transferred.  (Registries we maintain: Ossabaw Island hog, Hog Island, Wiltshire Horn, and Santa Cruz Island sheep, Marsh Tacky and Santa Cruz horses)

 $50 per month – rare breeds are promoted at educational workshops and events around the country

$125 per month – experienced farmers mentor new farmers, one on one, and at From Service to Stewardship workshops for military veterans.

The Livestock Conservancy is committed to conserving America’s rarest livestock and poultry breeds today and for years to come – but we can only do that with your help.

With the regular, ongoing support from Conservation Champions like you, we can continue to protect America’s rarest livestock and poultry breeds which are integral to our national identity and our future generations.

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