Donkeys at Work: Composting with American Mammoth Jackstocks


By Emma Marks, Vermont Compost Company and Emily Rose Johnson, The Livestock Conservancy Heritage breed farm animals, including American Mammoth Jackstocks, are becoming increasingly endangered as the modern agricultural system prioritizes efficiency and continues to scale up production. To save these breeds from extinction and preserve biodiversity, they need roles in our food and ... Read more

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SE2SE Fiber Challenge: Wooly Weaving


JOIN THE SE2SE WOOLY WEAVING CHALLENGE Ready for another Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em (SE2SE) Fiber Challenge? Curious about WEAVING and have access to a Rigid-Heddle Loom? Learn to weave a scarf on a rigid-heddle loom during this challenge led by hand-weaver, spinner, knitter and fiber arts educator Melissa Weaver Dunning! Melissa ... Read more

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Queen Elizabeth II: A Life of Conservation


By Emily Rose Johnson, The Livestock Conservancy As the world mourns Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her long reign as monarch of the United Kingdom, we honor her important role in the conservation of heritage breeds of farm animals. Without her intervention, the Cleveland Bay horse might have been lost, along with ... Read more

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Livestock Diversity for Food Security


by Jeanette Beranger, Senior Program Manager  In the fall of 2019, 300 livestock experts from over 30 countries came together for the 9th Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Meeting  of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock (GASL). Plenary sessions were held at Kansas State University, under the theme “Innovation for Sustainable Livestock Systems,” and constituted an amazing opportunity ... Read more

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Member Spotlight: Blue Mojo Farm


It All Started with a Blue Turkey Mojo is a word that evokes power, energy, and magic. All these descriptions are evident when visiting Blue Mojo Farm, a vibrant and innovative home to ostriches, Muscovy ducks, Brahma chickens, and Recessive Blue Slate turkeys. On the outskirts of Washington, D.C, Blue Mojo Farm is located ... Read more

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