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Celebrating International Heritage Breeds Week


Thousands of America’s conservationists, farmers, ranchers, shepherds and animal preservationists will join with their partners around the globe to observe International Heritage Breeds Week starting Sunday, May 19. During the 10th annual celebration, The Livestock Conservancy is sharing the critically important message that rare breeds of livestock and poultry are an important key to maintaining ... Read more

Celebrating International Heritage Breeds Week2024-05-18T13:26:23+00:00

The Livestock Conservancy Releases Annual Conservation Priority List


The Livestock Conservancy has released its 2024 Conservation Priority List. This roster of more than 180 breeds across 11 species ranks the extinction threat for America’s farm animals. Working closely with breed associations, breeders and conservationists, The Livestock Conservancy conducts a thorough analysis of data on each breed’s status, risks and opportunities. The results place ... Read more

The Livestock Conservancy Releases Annual Conservation Priority List2024-05-01T17:19:11+00:00

Bio Banking: A Valuable Livestock Conservation Tool


Editor’s Note: One of the more scientific approaches to livestock conservation involves retaining genetics for future use. Here, Dr. Phil Sponenberg, technical adviser to The Livestock Conservancy and retired professor from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, gives an overview of “Bio Banking.” Bio Banking is the frozen storage of genetic material that can be ... Read more

Bio Banking: A Valuable Livestock Conservation Tool2024-04-18T20:13:54+00:00

Hope Amid the Flames: Notre Dame’s Rooster


Editor’s Note: Livestock Conservancy member and volunteer Carla Nordland of Montana wrote this blog post for History Month. Any poultry keeper fortunate enough to keep a rooster can appreciate the nuance they bring to the flock. And we are not the first generation to celebrate the qualities of the cock or rooster; they are deeply ... Read more

Hope Amid the Flames: Notre Dame’s Rooster2024-03-25T21:12:48+00:00

Conner Prairie’s Focus: Education and Preservation


Editor’s Note: Conner Prairie is a living history museum in Fishers, Indiana (near Indianapolis) which recreates 19th century life. Stephanie Buchanan, Director of Ag Initiatives for Conner Prairie, shares the museum’s reasons and approaches to working with livestock Conservation Priority List breeds including Tunis sheep, Arapawa goats, American rabbits, Ossabaw hogs and Randall cattle. Conner ... Read more

Conner Prairie’s Focus: Education and Preservation2024-03-14T19:32:39+00:00

Selecting heritage breed wool for fiber projects


By Cindra Kerscher, The Livestock Conservancy (All photos by Deb Robson) Do you want to knit some hard-wearing socks or crochet a super soft baby blanket? Perhaps you are planning to weave a shawl or table runner? Maybe you’re inclined to felt a vessel, vest or rug. How do you choose the best wool for ... Read more

Selecting heritage breed wool for fiber projects2024-02-27T16:49:15+00:00

The Livestock Conservancy Awards 2023-24 Microgrants


Renae Clark Livestock Conservancy Microgrants help farmers, ranchers, shepherds, homesteaders and breed groups in saving Conservation Priority List breeds from extinction. Microgrants up to $2,000 each are awarded in three categories: National Microgrants for adult individuals; Youth Microgrants for teens; and Breed Association Grants to improve membership services, marketing materials, gene banking and ... Read more

The Livestock Conservancy Awards 2023-24 Microgrants2024-05-07T17:56:02+00:00
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