Gifts for the Duck (or Chicken) Lover in Your Life

Stuck on what to get a loved one for an upcoming holiday or their birthday? We’ve compiled a few ideas they’ll love!

Poultry Books

A classic book on raising ducks, Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks

Dave Holderread, a Life Member of The Livestock Conservancy, provides the information you need to raise ducks successfully, covering everything from choosing the right breeds to breeding and rearing practices, feeding, housing, health care, butchering, and much more. 

Poultry Goodies & Illustrations

Artist Rebekah Marshall has an Etsy with mugs, bags and illustrations of many breeds of heritage ducks and chickens, plus a few other breeds. Take a look at her Etsy account here!

Breeders Directory

Shop our Breeders Directory to find farmers near you! Buy hatching eggs, eating eggs, products & more. (Products featured from Cascade Valley Heritage Farm)

Egg Stamper

A custom egg stamp for fresh eggs from their ducks or chickens

For a personal touch to their farm or homestead

More Poultry Gifts

Think they’ll like a sweatshirt, hat, t-shirt, apron? Check our online store to find their favorite heritage breed of chicken or duck!

Heritage Breed Card Game

Farm Flip is a concentration style card game where players match cards with colorful paintings of heritage breed domestic farm animals

Rachel, a member of The Livestock Conservancy, is an artist and a farmer and working on a series of paintings of all the animals on The Livestock Conservancy’s Priority List.