Taking Reservations For 2024 San Clemente Island Goat Kids
Taking Reservations For 2024 San Clemente Island Goat Kids
Taking Reservations For 2024 San Clemente Island Goat Kids
Taking Reservations For 2024 San Clemente Island Goat Kids
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Secure your own San Clemente Island goat kid(s) for 2024. EB Ranch Farmstead is located in western Wisconsin and currently keeps a herd of around 5o hardy, multi-purpose SCI goats. I plan on breeding around does this fall to have kidding start in early/mid-April.

I plan on selling most of the kids born next year. I will be offering goats to dedicated breeders willing to commit to growing the Tepper Line within the breed. As well as mixed-line SCI goats and maybe a few wethers.

All of my goats are registered with the San Clemente Island Goat Breeders Registry and am a  member of the San Clemente Island Goat Breeders Association. All kids will be registered with confirmation of buck DNA parentage. I do practice biosecurity measures on adult goats brought to the farm. Currently, my herd is negative for Johnes, CL, and CAE.

I raise SCI goats for milk, meat, hides, skulls, breeding stock, and goat rental/clearing services. I manage my SCI goats with minimal to no grain input, using rotational grazing/browsing methods, and try to use chemical dewormers the least amount possible on my herd. I implement a more holistic approach and use preventative parasite methods such as copper bolusing and as mentioned rotational grazing.

SCI goats vary in size and color but are generally very fine-boned compared to other goat breeds and tend to be comparable in size to Nigerian Dwarf goats. With mature healthy does ranging anywhere between 50-100 pounds and bucks in the 70-100+ pound range.

I keep horns on all of my goats and am happy to discuss and advise on the safe handling of horned goats. SCI goats can vary a lot in temperament just like any other livestock. Generally, I have seen a more independent nature in these goats. That’s not to say they aren’t friendly and they certainly are not feral. I have some goats come up to me seeking attention, though most of my herd likes to observe. I do breed for more mellow temperaments. With positive reinforcement, I easily hand milk many of my does and can handle my herd just fine for health checks when using proper handling equipment and techniques.

You can find a lot more information by visiting my website, or scigba.org to understand the different line breeding programs and why they are important. Always feel free to contact me with questions.

You can find all of the different EB Ranch Farmstead links and accounts by following my linktree. https://linktr.ee/ebranchfarmstead


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