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Knowing your audience is the foundation of any marketing strategy. Once you have an understanding of who you want to connect with online and in-person, you can build those connections into meaningful relationships. In this monthly Facebook Live series, The Livestock Conservancy and Food Animal Concerns Trust will help farmers and small business owners build their audience into a community. The first part of the series will focus on the basics of building your brand and helping your audience find you online through a website and social media. The second part expands on the knowledge of your audience to help you become more profitable by setting realistic prices, talking to your processor, and finding niche markets. The last part of the series encourages you to engage your active audience in new ways through on-farm experiences and community building. We hope you’ll join us each month during our live broadcast on Facebook to ask questions and learn more from our series of special guests. 

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2022 Marketing Monday Calendar

Marketing Monday airs the fourth Monday of every month from 2-3 pm EST. Please join Brittany and Samantha via The Livestock Conservancy’s Facebook page to ask questions of guests and panelists. All sessions are recorded and available to watch or listen to later on Facebook, YouTube, and Podbean (or wherever you enjoy downloading podcasts). 

  • January 24: Helping Your Audience Find You Online with a Website
    Special Guest  Andrew Perkins of Bluestem Creative will help you understand the importance of building a website and the easiest ways to set them up for your growing business.
  • February 28: Building Your Brand and Finding Your Audience 
    Special Guest Jennifer Kendall will help you learn the basics of branding so you can build your audience both on and offline. 
  • April 25: Social Media 101
    In this two-part series, Paige Jackson will show you how to set up your social media channels and the basics of running social media business campaigns.
  • May 23: Bringing It All Together
    Special Guest Laura Jensen of Jensen Reserve (, the American Meishan Breeders Association (, and Meishan Preservation ( joins Brittany Sweeney and Samantha Gasson to chat about marketing tips and resources for small farms and heritage breeders.
  • June 27: How to Price your Products
    Special guests Matt LeRoux and Sarah Blacklin of NC Choices will help you discover how knowing your audience will help you set better prices to make a profit on your farm. 
  • August 22: Locking People Into Your Brand through Niche Marketing 
    Special Guest Dayna Burtness of Nettle Valley Farm will chat about easy ways to lock in your audience for long-term sales through selling whole animal shares.
  • October 24: Getting to Know Your Farmer with Agritourism and On-Farm Experiences
    Your growing audience wants to get to know the faces and places behind the products they’ve tried and loved. Learn to turn your audience into a community with agritourism and other on-farm experiences. 
  • November 28: Marketing to the Next Generation with Kids Camps
    If you’re passionate about farming and teaching the next generation, invite kids to attend an on-farm camp during the summer. Our special guest will help you think about logistics and building relationships with parents. 
  • December 26: Converting Your Audience into Lifelong Learners with On-Farm Classes Panel
    Classes and educational opportunities are not just for kids these days. Special guests will help you turn your skills into profitable opportunities to connect with your audience on a personal level. 


Samantha Gasson hugs emu George

Samantha Gasson, Humane Farming Program Associate with the Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT).

Samantha joined the FACT team in 2019 as coordinator of the Mentorship Program and as part of the Humane Farming program in 2021. She also owns and operates Bull City Farm with her husband and kids in the piedmont of North Carolina, where they raise pork, dairy cows, turkeys, layers, lamb and a geriatric emu named George. The farm is part of A Greener World’s Animal Welfare Approved program, which is the cornerstone of their farming business. In addition to raising food for her community, Samantha is committed to education, especially when it comes to farming. The farm holds summer camps for kids yearly (since 2002) and adult classes on cheese and sausage making (since 2003).  Samantha also holds a BS in Biology from Virginia Tech University. 

Brittany Sweeney, Communications Manager with The Livestock Conservancy

Brittany loves showcasing the amazing things that happen when people come together around a common cause. A skilled communicator with a background in journalism, Brittany handles The Livestock Conservancy’s social media, printed and digital publications like The Livestock Conservancy News, E-News, Breeders and Products Directory and much more. Brittany is passionate about animals and food, spending her free time cooking and chasing after her backyard menagerie of chickens, ducks, geese, dogs, and cats. There’s always something happening on her backyard “Punny Farm” in Durham.