La Flèche Pullets and Cockerels (young hens and roosters)

Critically endangered and RARE La Flèche chickens. Pullets and Cockerels (young hens and roosters) now available hatched late April 2022. $35.00 each. Available by farm pick-up, no shipping. You can HELP SAVE this extremely rare and hard to find French breed. Call for details. La Flèche are a dual purpose breed, they lay nice sized whitish eggs of good quality. Unique looking with their ‘V’ shaped comb, glossy black plummage and white earlobes. They are good foragers with an active but not flighty temperament and are not aggressive with people. They are a medium size bird with a large breast for their size. They are fairly slow growers but fatten well producing excellent quality meat. If you are looking for a conservation project that can still produce, La Flèche is a worthwhile breed. They are on the Critically Endangered List with the Livestock Conservancy with very few breeders nationwide.

  • Species, Product, or Service: Chickens
  • Breed Product or Service: La Fleche