Ramses – 1 and 1/2 year old wether. He was a triplet and has beautiful cafe-au-lait colored wool.

Adriel – 2 year old ewe with scours.  Had twin female lambs in February. Was a good mom. (I am keeping one of her lambs, and the other is already sold)

Rachel – 2 year old ewe. Had single ram lamb this year. Good, attentive mom.

Miriam – ewe lamb born 2/23/22. Out of Anna who throws color (See Ramses above).

Daniel – ram lamb born 3/6/22. Has impressive horns. Sire is Samuel out of Dempsey Perkins line.

Zebedee – ram lamb born 2/11/22 out of Rachel. Has nice set of horns coming in. Sire is Samuel out of Dempsey Perkins line.

Javan – ram lamb born 2/9/22  a twin. Had wavy, beautiful super white fleece at birth. Has horns. Sire is Samuel from Dempsey Perkins line.

  • Species, Product, or Service : Sheep
  • Breed Product or Service : Gulf Coast or Gulf Coast Native