$200 $275

I have 7 Baylis doelings (May 2022) and one Baylis one year old doe – I kept an extra but my older girls did well this year and so I don’t need her.  These does are $225-275 each.

I have 5 Baylis bucklings (May 2022) and two proven Baylis sires (spring 2021).  These two adult bucks are ready for breeding now, and the younger boys will be ready by late November.  These bucks are $200-250 each.

All are CDT vax x2, rabies vaccinated, and treated with CWP if needed.  I use minimal parasite control.  Goats are used to LGDs and hotwire.

These are hardy SE goats good for meat, as mothers, and for brush control.

  • Species, Product, or Service : Goat
  • Breed Product or Service : Baylis Spanish Goats