Barbados Blackbelly starter flocks for sale
$300 $400

Registered Barbados Blackbelly rams and ewes available.  Bred ewes can be arranged. The Barbados Blackbelly breed evolved in the Caribbean to tolerate parasites, hot and humid weather and variable diet. Ewes typically deliver twins and show excellent maternal qualities.  Springwood Farm is a high health status farm in Free Union, Virginia operated by two retired veterinarians committed to livestock conservation. Sheep are familiar with livestock guardian dogs and electric fences.  Prices start at $300 for unregistered, weaned ram lambs and $375 for unregistered ewe lambs to $400 for registered sexually mature ewes and rams. Consultation provided for starter flocks including pairing of rams with ewes of different bloodlines suitable for a starter flock (and new shepherd!).

  • Species, Product, or Service: Sheep
  • Breed Product or Service: Barbados Blackbelly
Free Union,22940,Virginia