You have already looked at your knowledge and skills in the skills assessment section. In this section, you will take a look at what assets you already have.You will go through a series of worksheets to help you examine both what you have and what you will need to have in order to run a successful dairy processing business.

If you do not own land and are considering what you want to purchase, it may be a good idea to copy these worksheets and visit other like operations. Evaluate their resources and ask them what they like. Ask them what they would change if they could do it all over again. If you already own a farm or land, and would like to compare other like operations, you should complete these worksheets for your farm and those other farms that you think closely resemble what you are trying to achieve.

In the following worksheet, you will complete an evaluation of your physical assets (land, water, buildings) as well as your location (nearest town, nearest market, nearest supply house). Complete the Resource Evaluation Worksheet now to determine your needs.