Now that you’ve completed the thought process of pre-business planning, it’s time to translate our thinking into writing the business plan. The business plan is an important document that will be the guiding structure for your potential dairy processing venture. You will need this document for your own planning needs, to secure bank funding and loans, and/or to secure grant funding. While a business plan may sound complicated, it’s really just an organized way to think about all the aspects that will go into making your business successful.

Over the course of the next section, we will walk through how to write each individual component of the business plan. Take your time to work through each section, and understand what materials are required in each piece. You may need to do additional research when writing some sections or you made need to solicit the help of lawyers, accountants, and others who can advise your decisions. Don’t be intimidated! Step by step, section by section….. you will write a comprehensive business plan that meets your needs.

The sections of the business plan include (Links on left):

  • Section 1: Executive Summary
  • Section 2: Business Concept, Mission, and Goals
  • Section 3: Background Information
  • Section 4: Organizational Matters
  • Section 5: The Marketing Plan
  • Section 6:  The Financial Plan

After completing the walk-through of each section, you will be able to review a sample business plan written for an actual dairy processing business in New York. It may be helpful to refer to this document as you are writing each section to get ideas for content, phrasing, and organization. Use this sample business plan as a template for your own!