How to Use this Online Workbook

This workbook is for people interested in using Heritage breeds in Dairy Processing. Many will come to this workbook with the idea that they want to do this. Others will be farther along in the process.  While it will make sense to you to start with the Pre-Business Planning section and work through the sections to Equipment and Supplies, you should be able to jump in any of the sections below and find what you need to start a successful dairy processing venture using heritage breeds.

  • Pre-Business Planning
    This is where you decide if the proposed enterprise is right for you, your farm, and your family. Evaluate yourself and your ideas to determine if dairying with heritage breeds is a good fit.
  • Business Planning
    Having a plan before you do something is generally a good idea. While business plans sound intimidating, they are basically glorified “to do” lists, with some figures attached to see if this proposed or actual business is doable and profitable.
  • Heritage Dairy Breed Overview
    Review heritage breed profiles as they relate to use and function in dairy farming. Learn basic information about dairy farming with heritage animals.
  • What do I Make?
    This section will go through the basic concept of each dairy product as it is made on the farm. How much time does it take?  What is involved in each make process?
  • Legalities
    There is a reason why inspectors are involved in food and agriculture – food safety.  Understand the processes so that you can have a smooth transition into dairy processing as a business. Learn what HACCP is and why it is important.
  • Infrastructure
    Learn about facility design. What do you need to have to pass inspection?  This section will cover both the dairy and the processing side of facility design. Also learn what equipment and supplies you need to make a particular dairy product. This section will be both scale and product specific.