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Christine Mitchell


Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Rams Available

$200 $300

Registered Gulf Coast Ram-Lamb for Sale


Hereford & Hereford/Large Black cross

$125 $350

Saxony Ducks


Icelandic Landrace Chickens

$8 $50

Shropshire Sheep and Wool products


Morgan Whitehackle American Gamefowl


JSBA Registered (FF048-19) Proven Jacob Ram


Shetland Sheep for sale

$100 $500

Bourbon red trios


three san clemente island goat bucks


Karakul sheep, Fall and Sprin lambs

Goat Milk Soap Using San Clemente Island Goat Milk

$5 $150

Taking Reservations For 2024 San Clemente Island Goat Kids

$250 $600

Natural Colored Leicester Longwool Sheep


Registered pregnant Barbados Blackbelly ewes