Veterans Workshop 2017 Sponsorship

Our military veterans face many challenges.  Some of them struggle to find jobs.  Some struggle to find productive ways to reconnect with society.  They need time to heal, and a place to do it.  Many of our veterans return to small communities, where they find healing in rural life and farming. The act of raising animals and building a sustainable future is a benefit to our soldiers.

Veterans are also service minded, and want to find new ways to serve their communities.  Those that farm want to feed their families and their neighbors, sustain the land, and find yet another form of service in saving endangered breeds of livestock and poultry from extinction. 

The Livestock Conservancy’s From Service to Stewardship Workshops provide a two day learning opportunity, connecting veteran-farmers with mentors, and giving established rare breed farmers a chance to bring their knowledge to the next generation.

Experienced farmers share their knowledge on topics such as how to farm with heritage livestock, rotational grazing, safeguarding animal health, processing, and good marketing practices for heritage products. Whether veterans choose to farm to feed their families or for a full-time income, From Service to Stewardship offers learning tracks suited to small and large-scale farm endeavors. 

The latest workshop took place April 3-7, 2017 in Lexington, VA.

Sponsorships cover the costs of venues and meals, provide scholarships for economically challenged veterans to attend workshops, support the farmers who are contributing their time and expertise through small honoraria, and to cover organization and logistics costs.

Recognition for your Contribution:
Your connection to the local farming community is valuable, and we would like to recognize your support through:
• Name and logo featured in all event promotion – regional and national.  Highest visibility will be achieved in the event region and neighboring states. (20,000-30,000 people per event)*
• Name, logo, and your promotional materials (if desired) printed on student handouts or distributed with student packets.*
• Opportunity to introduce a speaker at event ($2500 and above)
• Recognition in Livestock Conservancy annual report (visibility to our donors)
• Included in press release to regional media outlets.  Possible media coverage at the event.

The Livestock Conservancy’s 1.9 million followers are highly dedicated livestock stewards. We are always ready to customize a package to meet your marketing needs through additional visibility in our publications and social media.

*Submission deadline for graphics and text is March 15, after this we cannot guarantee your information will be included on printed material. Promotion has already begun, so early submission guarantees maximum exposure for your organization!

Contact Alison Martin (, 919-542-5704 x105) for more information.

Benefits Sponsorship Levels
  $5,000  $2,500 $1,000 $500 $250
Event Promo Flyers Logo Logo Logo Name  
Featured in student packets Logo + brochure Logo + brochure Logo Name Name
Featured on sponsor posters at event Logo Logo Logo Name Name
Banner displayed at event  2' x 4'          
Recognition in annual report (visibility to our donors) Logo Name Name Name  
Opportunity to Introduce speaker Yes Yes      
Worksho;p attendance (including meals) 3 2 2 1  
Media mentions when applicable Once Once      
Mentions in social media (>20,000 followers) 3x 3x 2x 1x  
Website recognition on S2S page 6 months + sponsor page 3 months + sponsor page 3 months Name Name