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“It is indeed rare to find a presenter who is an expert in her field, can hold the audience in thrall from beginning to end, and makes everyone from the novice to the geek feel that she has personalized her talk just for them. C S is one of those rare gems in the world of web marketing.”  Tom B, SCORE® Counselor


Heritage Breeds Marketing Course


Wildly Profitable Heritage Breeds
Marketing Course

Are your current marketing efforts attracting all the customers you need to sustain your farming efforts?

If not, good news is here. The Livestock Conservancy has kicked off a 6-part video training series to help you.

This online marketing series provides heritage breed farmers, chefs, breeders, and product producers with a smart, actionable marketing roadmap all set up and ready to go … so you can focus your efforts on bringing the right prospects to your website and door.

You’ll discover how-to:
• Focus your limited marketing resources on finding BUYING customers
• Identify which marketing tactics will produce the best results
• Ensure your website can be found in the search engines with the right keywords

Imagine, no more struggling on your own!

Cost: $97 for the complete series (You’ll receive unlimited, lifetime access)



Step 1: Define Your Ultimate Destination
Start with total clarity about your mission and market so you’ll embark on a marketing journey that actually works.

Step 2: Identify and Understand Your Target Market
Clearly define who you want to attract — and why they’ll choose you over other options.

Step 3: Track Your Competitors
Understand the other lions in the jungle so you don’t get swallowed up.

Step 4: Choose Your High-Producing Marketing Tactics and Tools
Cultivate profitable relationships using today’s best marketing tools. Discover ways to use traditional print media and other classic offline approaches. Along with incorporating today’s best online marketing tools like video, mobile marketing, PR promotions, and podcasting into your marketing mix.

Step 5: Implement your Profit-Producing Roadmap
Tie it all together with a Wildly Profitable Marketing Roadmap™ that only takes 30 minutes a day to find all the customers you want.

Step 6: Measure and Maximize Your Marketing Results
Monitor your progress and identify ways to continue improving your marketing results.

Plus the complete handbook: Wildly Profitable Marketing Roadmap for Heritage Breeds: 6 Easy steps to finding all the customers you want.

Your Marketing Guide:

C S Wurzberger, The Green Up Girl, is an accomplished green movement marketing expert with 25 years of experience helping hundreds of animal-related businesses worldwide build and promote profitable, successful marketing campaigns and websites that rank high in the most popular search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

She is also the co-author of Wildly Profitable Marketing for Zoos, Aquariums and other animal/nature organizations. A hands-on field guide that provides businesses with profit-producing strategies that truly attract more buying customers and profits.

She is on a mission to bring you the knowledge and resources you need to double your sales and build a marketing roadmap that only requires 30 minutes a day to implement.

Questions? Contact CS: Office@TheGreenUpGirl.com