Endangered Equine Alliance

For over 40 years The Livestock Conservancy has worked to protect endangered livestock and poultry breeds from extinction. Although all rare breeds face challenges, it has become apparent that the recent market downturn has particularly impacted our equine breeds. Many horse and donkey breeds face the threat of extinction more so today than at any other time in history. Thanks to the grant from the USA Equestrian Trust, the effort to stabilize equine breed decline and secure the remaining diversity began in 2017. Read More...

Conserving Equine Diversity: Time for Action (pdf)


Endangered Equine Alliance Partners

Breed Associations & Registries

Akhal-Teke Association of America  

Dartmoor Pony Society of America

American Brabant Association   Davenport Arabian Horse Conservancy
American Cream Draft Horse Association   Exmoor Pony Society
American Donkey and Mule Society   Fell Pony Society of North America
American Hackney Horse Society   Florida Cracker Horse Association
American Heritage Horse Association   Foundation for Shackleford Horses
American Indian Horse Registry   Galiceno Horse Registry
American Mammoth Jackstock Association and Registry   Gotlandruss Pony Preservation Society
American Shire Horse Association   Horse of the Americas
American Suffolk Horse Association   International Cleveland Bay Registry LLC
American Sulphur Horse Association   Irish Draught Horse Society of North America
Arabian Horse Association   Lipizzan Association of North America
Australian Suffolk Punch Registry   Lipizzan Rescue Foundation
Baca Spanish Horse Association   Mountain Pleasure Horse Association
Baca Chica Conservancy   National Miniature Donkey Association
Belgian Draft Horse Corp. of America   Newfoundland Pony Society
Canadian Horse Breeders Association   Nokota Horse Conservancy, Inc.
Carolina Marsh Tacky Association   Rocky Mountain Horse Association
Caspian Horse Society of the Americas   Santa Cruz Horses
Caspian Registry Services   Southwest Spanish Mustang Association
Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America   Spanish Barb Horse Association
Clydesdale Breeders of the U.S.A.   Spanish Mustang Registry
Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc.   Swedish Gotland Breeders Society /
Gotland Registry Services
Corolla Wild Horse Fund   The American Saddlebred Horse Association Equine Welfare Advocacy Committee
Dales Pony Society of America, Inc.   The Lippitt Club
Dales Pony Association of North America   The North American Budenny Horse Registry
Dartmoor Pony Registry of America   United States Lipizzan Federation

Universities and Technical Service

Brooks Equine Genetics Laboratory Texas A&M University
Mississippi State University ViaGen
Select Breeder Services Virginia Tech
Stallion AI Services University of Florida


American Driving Society International Jousting League
American Endurance Ride Conference National Animal Interest Alliance
American Horse Council Natural Lifemanship
Carolina Marsh Tacky Outdoors Sport of TREC
Colonial Williamsburg Rare Breeds Survival Trust
Heritage Livestock Canada United States Dressage Federation

Efforts were made to include all partners of the Alliance in this list. If your organization is a partner and was inadvertently left off, contact us to have it added.