Heritage Livestock Conference

2020 Heritage Livestock Conference: Everything Equine Expo

August 28, 29, 30, 2020
Lumberton, NC

Possible topics could include:

  • Breeding rare breed horses
  • Business planning/financial management
  • Economics
  • Equine health
  • Agritourism
  • Reproduction techniques
  • Breed association management (not limited to equines)


Thank you for attending the 2019 Heritage Livestock Conference: All Things Sheep!


Keeping an Eye on the Long Game – Balancing Improvement and Biodiversity (.pdf handout)
Oogie McGuire, Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Shepherd

Counting Sheep - Finding Rare Bloodlines and Hidden Pockets of Diversity (.pdf of presentation)
Deborah Hunter, Karakul Shepherds Alliance

Making the Leap to Longwools (.pdf of presentation)
Brian Larson, Longwool breeder

Secret Lives of Guardian Dogs (.pdf of presentation)
Dan Macon, Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor 


2019 Pre-Conference Clinics and Tours and Conference

  • Natural Wool Dying Workshop
  • Fiber Design Workshop and Distillery Tour
  • Reception and Silent Auction
  • Conference Panel Sessions
2019 Natural Wool Dyeing Clinic 1 2019 Natural Wool Dyeing Clinic 2
2019 Natural Wool Dyeing Clinic 3 2019 Silent Auction item
2019 Conference Reception 2019 Conference Reception 2
2019 Conference Reception 3 2019 Conference Reception 3
2019 Three sheeps Fiber Workshop and Distillery tour 2019 Reception