Call for Presentations

Submit your proposal for the 2020 Heritage Livestock Conference: Everything Equine!

Presentation Formats
We encourage interactive programs that provide opportunities for audience participation. The two types of presentations are as follows:

• Pre-Conference Clinics – held on Fridays and can be half-day or whole-day programs.  Hands-on, demonstration, and off-site topics are encouraged.
• Workshops - one hour in length and held throughout Saturday.  Can be a single presenter or panel discussion.
• Post-Conference clinics - held on Sunday and can be half-day or whole-day program. For topics requiring more time and in-depth discussion

Possible Topics (not limited to these)Call for Presenters

  • Breeding rare breed horses
  • Business planning/financial management
  • Economics 
  • Equine health
  • Agritourism
  • Reproduction techniques
  • Breeding strategies

Skill Level of Presenters & Selection Process

Presenters should have a thorough knowledge of their topic and experience to support their expertise in the subject. (This must be reflected in the presenter bio.) They must have the ability to express the presentation content clearly and concisely to the audience. Proposals will be evaluated based on their content and the programming needs of the conference. Programs should have a clear take-home message and practical information for participants. Upon final review, proposal status will be provided by June 5, 2020. Submission of a proposal is not a guarantee of acceptance.

Registration Fees & Compensation
All presenters will receive conference registration (does not include pre-conference clinics) with access to all conference events. Presenters will also receive a modest honorarium for their presentations that can be used to help cover travel expenses. Upon proposal acceptance, speakers will be required to make their own travel and hotel arrangements and will receive the honorarium within 30 days after the conference. Speakers not wishing to be compensated may choose to donate the honorarium back to The Livestock Conservancy.

Proposal Format
A proposal must include:

  • The name, address, phone number, and e-mail address of the primary presenter
  • A short bio of the presenter(s) of no more than 50 words
  • A title of the presentation of no more than 10 words
  • A description of the proposed presentation of no more than 150 words
  • A description of the skill level of content (for beginners, intermediate, advanced)
  • A list of objectives for the presentation and how the speaker(s) will engage and benefit the participants
  • A list of audio/visual needs - Projector and laptop computer for PowerPoint presentations come standard. Extra needs can include: Internet access, external speakers, sound patch (for running video or showing a movie), multiple LCD projectors, microphones, post boards, easels, and multiple tables.
  • Other needs such as printed materials, live animals for demo, caging, etc.

Proposal Submissions and Deadlines
Please submit the following proposal to Angelique Thompson  by May 15, 2020.
Click Here to download the conference proposal form.