Where to Find Heritage Cattle and Products

The Livestock Conservancy maintains a list of Heritage Cattle breeders in its online Breeders and Products Directory.

A hard copy directory is one of the components of membership. If you'd like to receive a hard copy, please considering becoming a member.

The Livestock Conservancy also hosts a rare breeds classified site where many members post stock and products that they have for sale. Check out the classifieds to see what breeds might be for sale in your area. Rare Breed Classifieds


Other Sources for Heritage Cattle/Products:

  • Check with the respective breed associations to see if they can provide a list of breeders or producers in your area. Breed association contacts are listed at the bottom of each cattle breed abstract on The Conservancy's website.
  • Check the Local Harvest website. Because Heritage Cattle is a new term, many farmers may not be listing their meats as "Heritage". However, do your research. Look for farmers raising or selling meat from the Heritage Cattle breeds list. Also, be sure to ask questions. Ask farmers how they raise their animals to ensure the products meet the criteria of the definition.
  • Eatwild.com is another website that can help you locate local breeders and producers of Heritage Cattle. Again, ask questions and know the definition!
  • Visit your local Farmers Market. Again, ask questions! Know what breeds fit the definition and seek out farmers that manage their herds according to the definition.