Help me Choose a Breed!

Trying to decide which breed would be a good fit? 

This is a great place to start! 

1. Getting Started with Rare Breeds

2. Pick-a- Breed Charts - once you've decided on a species, these charts will help you pick a breed:

-- Pick-a-Chick

-- Pick-a-Cow

-- Pick-a-Donkey

-- Pick-a-Duck

-- Pick-a-Goat

-- Pick-a-Goose

-- Pick-a- Horse

-- Pick-a-Pig

-- Pick-a-Rabbit

-- Pick-a-Sheep

-- Pick-a-Turkey

3. Endangered Breeds List - Ready to learn more about the breeds you've selected? Visit our Conservation Priority List and click on the breeds. Each breed has it's own page.

4. Online Breeders DirectoryFind the breeds you want - Just plug the breed into the online Breeders Directory and you'll find members (and mentors!) that have them and are always willing to help you get started on your conservation adventure!