“As a personal long-time member of The Livestock Conservancy, I have found the breeders directory to be an indispensable tool while searching out fellow conservators and helping others to do the same. Likewise, I have been contacted by many folks who saw my personal listing in your directory.” - member Julie Gupton

Why Should I Join?

With a Livestock Conservancy membership you will:

Be Connected: The Livestock Conservancy has members all across the country and internationally each with a wide variety of backgrounds, skills, experiences, and perspectives. Use your membership to network with other Conservancy members who share a common interest, expanding your social and professional networks.

Stay Informed: The Livestock Conservancy prides itself on the vast amount of information and knowledge it shares with members.  As a member, you will receive news via email alerts, the quarterly newsletter, and have access to the Conservancy's on-site library. The Livestock Conservancy is at the forefront of the rare breed conservation efforts, and members will have upfront accessibility to industry information as it is developed.

Continue Learning: As a member, you will have access to professional development opportunities via workshops and clinics. The Livestock Conservancy's annual conference is also an educational opportunity. Members can share their knowledge with other members by sharing posters at the annual conference, submitting articles to the newsletter, and more.

Further the cause: No single organization or individual could save over 150 breeds of livestock alone. With your help and the support of your membership, you are helping The Livestock Conservancy to conserve rare breeds of livestock and poultry for future generations. You are making a difference.

Tangible Membership Benefits: 

  • All new members at the Basic level and above receive a new member packet that includes introductory materials and information about The Livestock Conservancy.
  • All members have access to the annual Rare Breeds, Breeders and Products Directory.
  • Members have the opportunity to market their animals and farms in the Rare Breeds, Breeders and Products Directory. The Livestock Conservancy only allows members to be listed in the directory.
  • All members receive a subscription to The Livestock Conservancy  News, an exclusive publication providing in-depth information about current activities, breed information, member updates, and more.
  • Members receive special pre-publication prices on select publications.
  • Members receive a discounted rate on The Livestock Conservancy's annual conference.
  • Members who have animals or products for sale can post in the online classifieds.
  • Use of The Livestock Conservancy member logo for marketing and promotion.
  • Members who raise rare breeds or are interested in raising rare breeds can get advice and guidance from technical staff.


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