Soap Special Donation

We're celebrating 44 years of saving rare breed livestock and poultry this year! In honor of our birthday, we are running a Membership Special. Purchase a new or renewed Basic ($55) or Sustaining ($110) membership and receive a felted heritage breed lard soap handmade by member Amy McKamey.

A variety of one-of-a-kind heritage animal breeds from the Conservation Priority List are available, including

  • American Guinea Hog, Ossabaw, and Hereford pigs
  • Texas Longhorn cow
  • New Hampshire and Sultan chickens
  • Cleveland Bay horse

Lard soap was once a staple in most houses and made from scratch. It is a low sudsing, long lasting, and very moisturizing soap that is wonderful for dry skin. All of the felted soaps are made using lard sourced from 100% registered Large Black hogs, raised by Amy and her family. Lard is a by-product normally thrown out, but Amy like to  use every part of her animals, so she turned the lard into these wonderful soaps.

Needle felted soaps have a built in washcloth and will gently exfoliate skin. Suds come through and the wool continues to shrink around the bar until what's left is a little scrubby - perfect to use for cleaning! Each heritage breed soap was individually felted and hand stitched for a unique one-of-a-kind item. Each design is an original and made with soft wool, and hand-dyed colors.

Each bar is 4.2 oz and no artificial scents or dyes were used. Each soap was made with essential oils and herbs, flowers, luffa etc. grown directly on the farm following original scent recipes designed by Amy. She recommends propping the soap up to dry between uses to make it last longer.