My Goose Is Cooked Challenge with Ariane Daguin

The Livestock Conservancy and D’Artagnan Farms Foundation

invite you to a special #MyGooseIsCooked Virtual Cooking Workshop

During December, The Livestock Conservancy is challenging more people to cook geese for friends and family. Learn how to cook a goose with celebrated chefs Ariane and Alix Daguin of D’Artagnan Farms Foundation! Ariane and Alix will guide you through the intricacies of roasting a delicious bird with juicy anecdotes about one of the smartest animals in the barnyard.

During the virtual #MyGooseIsCooked Workshop, Ariane and Alix will demonstrate how to cook both a heritage breed Roman goose and a commercial Emden goose at the D’Artagnan stove and Jeannette Beranger, senior program manager at The Livestock Conservancy, will showcase the advantages of raising heritage breed poultry on small farms.

Class Details

  • Tuesday, December 8, 4-5:30 pm EST
  • Zoom Class online (Learn to cook from your own kitchen!)
  • Ask Ariane, Alix, and Jeannette questions during the workshop
    Special guest appearances from geese around the D’Artagnan Farm and Ellie Mocker’s Roman and Cotton Patch geese at Holly Hill Ranch. Ellie supplied the Roman Goose to Ariane and Alix for the #MyGooseIsCooked workshop.
    After the workshop, you’ll receive a recording of the class so you can impress your friends and family with a cooked goose in the future. We encourage you to post photos or video of you cooking a goose as part of the #MyGooseIsCooked December Facebook Challenge. Be sure to tag @Dartagnanfoods and @LivestockConservancy in your posts.

"At D’Artagnan Farms Foundation, we believe it’s important to forge new relationships with the environment and what we eat through unique learning opportunities,” said Ariane Daguin. “Working with The Livestock Conservancy, a nonprofit that protects endangered livestock and poultry breeds from extinction, is a great way to do that. We’re excited to show people who might be new to cooking geese how wonderful and easy they are to cook at home.”