Creating an Inclusive Community

The Livestock Conservancy remains committed to developing an inclusive community focused on protecting endangered livestock and poultry breeds from extinction.

Although our main mission is focused on animals, people make that mission possible. We seek to listen to the voices of underserved communities and to address the challenges that hinder some from joining the mission to save rare breeds. The future of agriculture, and especially heritage breeds, depends on a community working together.

Building an inclusive community has always been a part of The Livestock Conservancy’s core values and strategic plan, and we are recommitting a focus to those efforts. We believe that our work should play a meaningful role in creating a just and equitable farming community focused on sustainable farming practices. As the first step of this journey, we are listening and learning. Our staff members are participating in inclusion training and reaching out to members and supporters to understand what a more inclusive community might look like. If you would like to provide feedback during this listening phase, please email

The process of creating meaningful, sustainable change toward a more inclusive community takes time. As a vibrant, engaged community, your voices, participation and ideas are key to achieving this goal together.