Core Values

Animal well-being: The Livestock Conservancy supports production and husbandry practices consistent with the historic purposes and uses of endangered breeds, leading to their good health, longevity, and full value in American agriculture.  

Quality and integrity: The Livestock Conservancy practices science-based, genetic diversity conservation and emphasizes research and education to expand and share knowledge and understanding of endangered breeds. 

Diversity: The Livestock Conservancy emphasizes diversity of culture, perspectives, and practices in the realization of its mission, which leads to greater opportunities for endangered breeds of livestock and poultry, and for human prosperity.

Collaboration: The Livestock Conservancy encourages and participates in cooperative efforts at all levels of the organization’s reach by working individually and collectively among and between all members of the heritage breed production chain including breeders, producers, processors, marketers, and consumers.

Stability: The Livestock Conservancy works to ensure the integrity of endangered breed genetic resources by maintaining a strong alliance with breeders and breed associations, promoting breeder livelihoods and breed resilience, and supporting the development of healthy markets and a strong consumer base.