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The Livestock Conservancy, as a national nonprofit membership organization, plays an important role in educating the public about heritage livestock breeds on both a national and international scale.  The organization and its mission are gaining wider recognition.  However, there is still a lot of work to be done to convey the importance of conserving the more than 150 breeds of heritage livestock and poultry.

Individuals, businesses, and other organizations can help spread the word by referencing the Conservancy online, at events, and anywhere there may be an interest in heritage breed conservation.  Please consider sharing our information below.

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Consider adding a link to The Livestock Conservancy's website on your own site. Please link to our homepage:

If you're skilled at updating Wikipedia, we have many links on individual breed pages that need updated, plus some breed pages may not reference us - please add a blurb about us if so.

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Download our Presentation

The Livestock Conservancy's General Presentation will introduce our organization, our work, the heritage breeds that we work with, and how you can help.  This presentation is especially useful for groups and events. Talking points are included, but feel free to add your notes and share from your experiences.  The presentation is available as PDF slides or in Powerpoint format.

About The Livestock Conservancy presentation with slides only (PDF)

About The Livestock Conservancy presentation notes (PDF)

About The Livestock Conservancy presentation (Powerpoint show - 27.5 MB)

About The Livestock Conservancy presentation in Powerpoint format with notes (Powerpoint)
*must obtain password from the Conservancy to open in this format. Call (919) 542-5704 or contact us.

Need a different format from what is listed above? Contact The Livestock Conservancy's office and we can help with your specific needs!

Download our Logos

The Livestock Conservancy's logos may be used as link images on a website or to accompany a reference to the organization in publications. Click on the links beside the name to download logos to use.

Member Logo (for use by current members only)

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Download Brochures, Ads, and Flyers

Do you attend events or have a booth/display where people may be interested in heritage breeds? Download and print the materials below to take along! We have professionally printed glossy trifold general brochures available for you to hand out as well. If you would like some, contact us.

The Livestock Conservancy General Brochure (trifold)

Conservation Priority Lists - Livestock & Equine, Poultry

Conservation Highlights (rack card)

About Us (flyer)

Membership (flyer)

What We Do (flyer)

How You Can Help (brochure)

Membership Ad (half page)

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Interational Heritage Breeds Week & Day

Learn more about this exciting event!

International Heritage Breeds Week will be held 20-26 May, 2018 across the world to raise awareness about endangered heritage breeds of livestock and poultry. An international campaign will be launched promoting the weeklong event and heritage breed farmers, enthusiasts, and the public are encouraged to spread the word throughout their networks.

The week of awareness will culminate on Saturday, 26 May with International Heritage Breeds Day where many farms and ranches will choose to hold local events such as farm tours, workshops, or lectures to raise awareness in their communities.

Read the 2017 Official Press Release

Read the 2016 Official Press Release

Read the 2015 Official Press Release

Download the International Heritage Breeds Week Large Banner

Download the International Heritage Breeds Week Banner Ad

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2017 Heritage Livestock Conference Information

Pick up a copy of our books

Purchase a copy of an An Introduction to Heritage Breeds -- the definitive guide written by the experts! This eloquent, inviting, visual guide explains why conserving heritage breeds is important and shows you how you can raise these breeds yourself, helping to preserve them and benefiting from them at the same time. Keep a copy on hand for yourself or donate to your local school, library, 4H, FFA, or as a prize in livestock or poultry shows!


And for a more in-depth look at livestock conservation, check out our newest book, Managing Breeds for a Secure Future, Second Edition. Bringing together the experience of three top academic experts in breeding procedure, this up-to-date edition of Managing Breeds for a Secure Future examines breeding and genetics at a level accessible to all.


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